Jose Martinez :


Principal Tuba of the National Orchestra of Spain since April 2017. Prior to this appointment, he was a member of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago and was fortunate to perform as guest with the Boston Symphony and Pops, Chicago Symphony, Minnesota Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, and the Saint Louis Symphony. Jose Martinez is currently completing a doctorate at Boston University College of Fine Arts and will forever be indebted to Mike Roylance, Gene Pokorny, Morten Agerup and Sergio Finca, his greatest influences.


Sébastien Rouillard : 
Tubist to the Music of the Peace Keeper of Paris, as well as the Lamoureux Orchestra. Tuba teacher at the Conservatory of Le Mans. He is regularly called to play in the most prestigious orchestral formations in Paris (National Orchestra of France, Radio France Philharmonic Orchestra, Paris Opera ...).
Creator of the musical and poetic recital "La Voix du Tuba"
Professor at the C.R.D of Aulnay-sous-Bois and at the Higher School of Music of Seine-Saint-Denis. He is also assistant professor of Gérard Buquet's tuba class at CNSM in Paris.