Nicolas Moutier :


Winner of the main international competitions, he travels the world to perform as a soloist accompanied by major symphonic formations and make masterclasses (Japan, Russia, Taiwan, etc ...)

After working with the Capitole de Toulouse Orchestra, Nicolas Moutier became Principal Trombone of the Paris Air Music, then Principal Trombone of the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra. Member of the Feeling Brass Quintet, the Opus4 quartet and the Namestra ensemble.

He is also a professor at the Regional Conservatory of Strasbourg and the University of Arts of the Rhine (HEAR).


Juan Carlos Matamoros :


Soloist of the National Orchestra of Spain, professor of the Higher Center Katarina Gurska in Madrid and Staff Stomvi.

Awarded in several international trombone competitions: 3 Prize ARD  of Munich, 1 Prize Lieksa Brass Trombone Competition, 2nd Prize Jeju Brass Trombone Competition. He has collaborated with professional orchestras like Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, Frankfurt Opera, SWR Baden-Baden and Freiburg, Tappiolla Sinfonietta, Liceo Barcelona…



Phil Abraham :


Self-taught, his stylistic evolution is parallel to the history of jazz and although he is now a modern soloist, he has worked with a wide variety of great musicians.

Phil has participated in more than sixty albums. He has often been invited to large groups as a soloist. He has participated in many recordings and concerts of the big band of Belgian radio (BRT).

He was professor of vocal improvisation in Antwerp and Brussels. He currently teaches jazz and trombone at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and the Conservatoire National de Douai (France).